Benefits of The Odoo ERP over the Microsoft Excel.

Because Excel is easily available, easy to use, and considered as a cost-effective tool for organizing and planning business operations, manufacturing organizations utilize it for a variety of tasks, from scheduling to inventory management to data analysis. Excel is without a doubt one of the most adaptable, versatile, and valuable business tools available. Is it, however, the most effective choice for manufacturers? Is it cost-effective and time-saving? Does it have as many benefits using the Odoo ERP? Should manufacturers operate their businesses using Excel?

No, is the great reply.

While we are the first to recognize that Excel is a useful business tool (with its own set of uses), it is just not adequate for most manufacturers. Excel can perform a lot of things and support a lot of different activities, but it can’t handle the complexities of a custom growing business. The manufacturing industry is complex today, and manufacturers require a tool that is more strong, effective, linked, and specialized to run their enterprises. Manufacturing is one of the most data-intensive industries, and organizations who want to stay competitive need a system that can handle this level of complexity.

While ERPs are typically seen to be more expensive and time-consuming to establish, the benefits to manufacturers are enormous. One of the most significant benefits of the Odoo ERP system is its ability to provide total visibility of a manufacturing operation, giving organizations insights into how their operations are operating and assisting them in making their shop as efficient as possible.

Continue reading to find out why the Odoo ERP is preferable than Excel for growing business.

  1. Errors of Humans.

Excel is a very manual program, and if the “Excel Hero” isn’t present when a function is broken, the company will come to a standstill. Functions are a thing of the past with the automation ERP software systems give, and intuitive user interfaces allow you to relax. Excel relies on manual entry, whereas ERP can automate and integrate operations to avoid duplication. You may have data collected from numerous sources in many locations if you don’t have the Odoo ERP system in place, making it difficult to locate information when you need it the most.

  1. Analytical Data.

You no longer have to manually enter data into the Odoo ERP software system, as Excel demands. You may evaluate consumer behavior and trends to see what is most beneficial for your business by having data collected for you. The Odoo ERP system like Odoo ERP comes pre-populated with hundreds of reports and analytical capabilities, whereas Excel requires a lot of data manipulation.

  1. Analyses in real time.

One of the numerous advantages of ERP software is the ability to analyze consumer behavior and data. Changes to the ERP software system are updated in real time, allowing those who need to know what has changed to see what has changed. Before any information can be shared, the Excel report must be modified, converted, saved, and emailed.

  1. Flow of Information.

Managing your information flow is critical because it allows your organization to run more efficiently and create less waste – both in terms of time and money. You can meet market demands with real-time data if you use the Odoo ERP software system. If a product’s sales drop drastically, ERP software will display this information in a graphic chart the moment the trend starts, whereas Excel will still be waiting for the data to be entered.

  1. Stress.

This one is self-explanatory; no one appreciates being stressed. You may put an end to those difficult days of frequent data collection after switching from Excel to ERP.

What Should You Use Instead of Excel?

The Odoo ERP system should take the role of Excel.

Excel has far too many flaws to be relied upon to run your custom growing company. To efficiently and effectively manage your production shop, you need a more targeted and integrated system that works on real-time data and can be updated automatically from the shop floor. The Odoo ERP system is required. However, you can argue that the Odoo ERP is costly, time-consuming to deploy, and difficult to understand. While the Odoo ERP system is one of the most significant financial and time expenditures a manufacturer will ever make, we assure you that it will pay off in the long run.

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