Our Clients

The companies we work with seek agile, clear, ROI-driven approaches to their business challenges—and our team always meets their needs head-on with our own data insights and tech innovation.

Dele Pharmaceutical Group

Dele Group is a prominent conglomerate comprising two companies, specializing in the manufacturing of essential medical products for healthcare facilities and professionals. Growth Stack successfully deployed an ERP system for three business units within the group, streamlining their end-to-end manufacturing processes. This implementation has enhanced operational efficiency, ensured seamless integration across departments, and supported Dele Group’s commitment to delivering high-quality medical products.

OSC Garment Factory

OSC Garment Factory

OSC Garment Factory is dedicated to providing high-quality, precise, and timely garment manufacturing services across Africa. Growth Stack implemented an ERP system to streamline their operations, enhancing efficiency and ensuring seamless integration throughout their manufacturing process. This deployment has enabled OSC Garment Factory to uphold their mission, delivering exceptional service and products to their clients.