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The selection of the right ERP at the right time turns crucial for the growth of your business. The best suited ERP can have a direct impact on the success, profitability, and development of a business. The implementation of an ERP requires an investment of a considerable sum and a great deal of time and effort of the employees to get it done the perfect way so get it right the first time itself.

SAP Business One

The Best Run Business Run SAP

A descendent of the Xerox business computing division, SAP is an admired transmitter of Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Into the field of selling built-to-suit solutions for large enterprises since 1971, SAP made entry to the SME market segment in 2002 with the formation of SAP Business One (SBO). SAP designed SBO as the lowest cost ERP offered by them. SBO has been designed to suit small to medium business organizations with minimal customization. With applications to handle all business needs from CRM to Manufacturing, SAP Business one is configured for both cloud and on-premises. SBO is more suitable for small manufacturing as it lacks farsighted planning and shop floor control features that are necessary for out-of-the-box use. SBO with over 50,000 customers from 190 countries enjoys a large community of value-added resellers with locally developed modules to suit complex manufacturing processes.

User Interface

User-friendliness of an interface is a key factor taken into account while purchasing an ERP as an employee, even an untrained one, should be able to use it with ease. The ease of the User interface can have a direct impact on the effectiveness and productivity of a user. What’s more, an easy to understand interface would certainly be appreciated by a user who frequently uses the software. A user-friendly interface would be a great boon, for example, to the employees at a manufacturing unit floor as the environment and surroundings there would be harsh. The specialty and workflow of a company should be considered while installing an ERP to ensure the introduction of an easy interface.

Here are the screenshots of various ERPs to help you view the visibility and user-friendliness of the interface which can be taken into account before making a decision on the ERP. Descriptions about the software interface features cannot be understood from a single image; instead, a detailed comparison could be of help while choosing an ERP.

Odoo Grow Your Business

Odoo, an open-source business management platform with multiple modules, is suitable to meet various business needs. Each App of Odoo manages one business function and the apps can be installed on the requirement. Suitable for on-premise as well as cloud-based operations, Odoo enhances apps regularly. Many features like Maintenance, Quality, and PLM apps along with MPS, MRP Subcontracting features are the highlights of Odoo’s newly released Manufacturing Module. Odoo has also added a set of other features including Skill Management Module, Website Form Builder and building blocks, POS UI, Data Cleaning App, Sale Forecast, Product Videos on e-Commerce, Smart date picker, etc.



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