A common question we receive from customers is, “What are the Odoo hardware requirements?” and “What hardware should I choose for my Odoo instance (Community or Enterprise)?” Below are the Odoo hardware requirements.

Recommended Odoo Hardware Requirements

Odoo is a system that is easy to use. A server with two CPUs and two RAM would be sufficient for a company with five employees, and a server with four CPUs and eight RAM would be sufficient for a company with twenty employees. For a company with 90 employees, we would recommend separating the application and database servers. For a company with more than 250 employees, load balancing (LB) of the application server would be required.

Examine this interactive chart to determine the most appropriate hardware configuration for your Odoo (Community and Enterprise) system based on the number of active users.

Odoo hardware requirements

Note that if your company has more than 90 employees, we recommend separating your application and database servers; if your company has more than 250 employees, we recommend load balancing (LB) your application server. You are free to get in touch with our consultant for more details.



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