Enterprise resource planning ( ERP) solutions are used by organizations that aim to control their corporate operations through a structured and automated framework. Odoo and ERPnext are ERPs operating as open source solutions with a community of people working in the background to support their users.

Why is Odoo better than ERPNext?

In comparison, the former is suitable for both large and small-scale industries, whereas the latter best operates in a small-scale environment. In addition, comparatively less integration is possible with ERPNext than Odoo which supports larger integrations. Moreover, the support community of ERPNext is smaller compared to Odoo which has a collective group of experts in the field stretching globally. Furthermore, the supporting features of ERPNext are limited to web-based, cloud, windows, and Mac where Odoo edges up with the Android and iPhone/iPad support along with the ones mentioned for the former.

Odoo has a website or online edition which provides its users with the platform limited in features that are lacking in the ERPNext software. Furthermore, Odoo works out of the box and the ERPNext abilities are limited for simpler operations. Moreover, advanced customization can be done to Odoo platform that helps it to be operated in any business model which is limited in ERPNext


ERPnext appears to be very similar to its competitors in open-source business management platforms. Moreover, the accessibility to the software is easy and is developed using python by a strong community, which is much smaller compared to Odoo. Furthermore, the modular nature of ERPnext helps in the easier customization of modules. In addition, ERPNext lacks features such as evaluation with QR code support, managing contracts, delivery schedules, Freight carrier integration, Automated Time Tracking which can be seen in Odoo. Additionally, the software is only suitable for businesses where the operations are lighter and not complex.

ERPNext only supports web-based and on Mac

Odoo Enterprise

Odoo is the best ERP that can be installed for all sorts of business areas due to its customization ability and flexibility to suit any sort of company operations. Additionally, Odoo has a list of features that covers whole business operations in Omni-direction. Furthermore, Odoo the open source ERP consists of a major module of the management of entire business operations and additional add ons which are developed by the Odoo community having 20000+ members consisting of Odoo partners, developers and other support staff.

Odoo’s vast applications include Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Marketing modules, Accounting, HR modules along with the integrated CRM and many supporting ones which is perfect for managing business organizations ranging from small to corporate solutions. Additionally, Odoo has 7 million users in over 120+ countries with 2550 partners and 25,500 apps in Odoo Apps. Moreover, for any business requirement, whether it’s in-house, small or large scale, corporate or freelance who are focusing on business growth, Odoo is the best choice.

Odoo supports web-based, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad.


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