Roles required to launch Odoo ERP.

Different roles, such as Project Managers, Junior Business Analysts, Senior Business Analysts, Testers, Trainers, etc., are defined by traditional ERP suppliers for the analysis of business flows. However, too many chefs ruin the broth!

Making the best choice usually requires balancing particular company requirements with available product characteristics. Splitting the responsibilities of business analyst and product specialist might lead to ineffective judgments.

Compared to conventional ERPs, Odoo is a lot simpler software to use. This makes it possible for one individual to understand the company and the product, something that rivals cannot accomplish.

  1. Project Director.

The primary project decision-makers are the project leaders.

Project managers, business analysts, and product experts are all roles that project leaders simultaneously fulfill.

As project manager, we lead the project by:

  • Defining the project plan and following it up
  • Focusing on the main objectives
  • Onboarding the SPoC (Single Point of Contact) on the project
  • Using the right resources and anticipating the risks

As business analyst and product expert, we keep things simple by:

  • Deciding how to implement specific needs
  • Challenging the customer’s demands and managing their expectations
  • Configuring Odoo
  • Migrating the required data
  • Writing the specifications (if any development is required)
  1. App Expert.

The most skilled individual of the app assumes the job of an Odoo App Expert for essential apps (Finance, Inventory, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Website).

The project does not include the App Experts. They carry out peer reviews while working on all of the company’s tasks. Their goal is to lessen the amount of custom innovations in projects, in addition to assisting business analysts with complicated problems. To achieve this, challenge the “Must Have” or phasing split, examine ROI studies by offering sensible solutions on standards, and make sure we don’t build anything that isn’t actually required.

  1. Developer.

Not every project calls for developers. The majority of small businesses (with 50 or less users) utilize Odoo out of the box and do not need special development. They will only become engaged if and when the company demands it.

  1. Single Point of Contact (SPC).

We also need a potent ally on the customer’s side to make the installation as quick, easy, and economical as feasible. The Odoo Project Leader will want a comparable profile in front of them in order to do this.

By following up on the project, being an ambassador to persuade the end-users (Change Management), and ensuring that the project plan is in line with the company’s objectives and restrictions, the SPoC collaborates closely with the Odoo Project Leader in their capacity as project managers.

The SPoC, who takes on the role of “super key-user,” has a comprehensive awareness of the project needs by:

  • Teaching the end users with the project leader’s assistance (a colleague who is familiar with your internal procedures makes the best trainer)
  • Developing into an internal Odoo specialist and providing their coworkers with basic help.
  • We anticipate the SPoC to participate at each stage of the project as they share responsibility for the project’s success with the Project Leader.
  • Be accessible for the project;
  • Have decision-making power
  1. Client: Additional Roles

Large projects may specify additional responsibilities, such as:

  • Key-users: in addition to the SPoC, the key-users act as experts in their particular domain and will aid the SPoC in defining the requirements. The steering committee is a committee made up of decision-makers from the customer and Odoo’s project director that determines the project’s priorities, methodologies, and tracks its success. Additionally, they validate and test outputs.
  • Sponsors: who pays for the project and sets high-level goals, often the CEO or CFO. They typically also serve on the steering committee.

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