Manage the entire production operation of your manufacturing unit effectively, from the planning stages all the way through to the delivery of finished goods to the inventory. Production operations for various products will be managed more efficiently with the help of the dedicated manufacturing software and its associated modules. Aside from that, you can plan aspects of the manufacturing operations that involve the engineering side of things, such as the integration with advanced external or third-party pastry-making tools. Below are the features of the Odoo manufacturing software.

Manufacturing Process that has been modernized
Everything is managed from a single platform.

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Odoo manufacturing dedicated work center overview

A complete informational menu on the work center operations of the manufacturing process

  • Workstation classification
  • Plan work orders directly
  • Dedicated work center reports
  • Overall equipment effectiveness

Planning operations

Plan your manufacturing and production operations for complete effectiveness in operations

  • Master production schedule window
  • Plan by production
  • Dedicated planning for each work center
  • Run scheduler option

What is MRP in the context of Odoo? Is Odoo a good solution for the manufacturing industry?

Material Requirements and Planning for the Manufacturing Industry (Odoo MRP) is a dedicated tool available in the platform that is tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, with dedicated tools such as these, Odoo Manufacturing will be able to meet all of a company’s production operational needs, and it is the best tool available on the market today.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a term that refers to the management of products throughout their lifecycle (PLM)

  • Engineering aspects of your operations should be planned in advance.
  • The engineering drawings are stored in the Documents module.
  • Prepare a bill of materials that includes drawings.
  • Sheep are used for operations.
  • Product management is in charge of this.

Dedicated maintenance module

With the dedicated maintenance management module, you can manage the maintenance of your manufacturing equipment as well as the maintenance of the company’s equipment.

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance should be carried out.
  • Maintenance operations that are scheduled
  • Preventive maintenance schedules should be automated.
  • Create a request for maintenance.

Quality management for modernized operations

Quality control in modernized operations is essential. With the dedicated quality management module, you can improve the efficiency of your product quality management operations.

  • Quality control points that have been carefully crafted
  • Custom quality checks and alerts are available.
  • Form your high-quality teams.

Scheduling and management tools

Tools for scheduling and project management. If you are running manufacturing management operations in Odoo, you will have dedicated tools to assist you with the scheduling and management of your processes.

  • The creation and management of work orders
  • Scheduling of preventative maintenance
  • Work orders and work centers should be organized.

Dedicated reporting

You will be able to generate dedicated analytical reports on each of the manufacturing operations with Odoo, which is one of the advanced capabilities available with the software.

  • Order reports from the manufacturing industry
  • Report on a work order
  • Report on the overall effectiveness of the equipment

Modules for Production Operations

The repair operations for faulty products that have been produced as a result of the manufacturing process will be carried out in this location as well.

Operations relating to product life cycle management, such as planning and crafting the manufacturing process, will be discussed in detail here.

During the product manufacturing operations, this module is responsible for the quality checks and quality control aspects that are necessary.

This module is used to perform equipment maintenance operations, including both preventive and corrective maintenance operations on the equipment.

Isn’t this a little too complicated? Contact us right now, and our staff at growth stack will assist you in reaping the maximum benefits of installing the Odoo ERP.

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