List of ERP’s MSMEs are using in Nigeria.

Nigeria has around 37.07 million small businesses. This figure represents more than 84 percent of all occupations in the country. There are various reasons why small firms should invest in ERP software when you consider this. MSMEs would undoubtedly get several benefits from ERP software. This is due to the fact that these programs aid in the everyday administration of enterprises in order to maximize production. We’ll show you the best 10 ERP software for Nigerian small company owners.

Simple ERP Software for Nigerian Small Businesses.

1. Odoo.

This ERP comes with a number of features that help SMEs in Nigeria manage their businesses more effectively. HRM, operations, sales, finance, marketing, and communications management are just a few of the features available with Odoo.

This program can help you increase productivity, manage tasks, and create a website. One feature that jumps out is the software’s flexibility to be customized. Take a look at some of Odoo’s advantages below:

  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Apps are fully integrated.
  • Modernized technology
  • Customization via open source
  • There are no licensing fees to pay.

2. ERP NetSuite.

This is a cloud-based platform. The software’s architecture ensures that as your company expands, so does the software. NetSuite is an Oracle solution that provides a variety of modules and tools for managing business operations.

Demand planning, accounting, invoicing and billing, and manufacturing operations are just a few of the tasks this program can manage for you. Revenue management, order management, financial management, and warehouse administration are some of the other duties.

The following are the advantages of NetSuite for Nigerian SMEs:

  • Increase your company’s visibility.
  • Multilingual skills are conveniently housed.
  • For peace of mind, automate everything.

3. Epicor ERP.

This ERP software has a variety of features and tools to assist Nigerian SMEs with finance and accounting. It’s also useful for customer service, project management, inventories, manufacturing, and human resources.

You may also arrange your materials and manage your supply chain. Mobility, corporate analytics, big data, and the Internet of Things are among the new technologies used.

Epicor ERP has the following advantages:

  • Exceptional financial management
  • Flexibility comes with modularized features.
  • User-friendly interface

4. Scoro ERP.

Scoro fits the bill if you’re looking for an all-in-one company management tool for SMEs. It’s ideal for companies that deal with project management, sales, and service delivery.

This ERP software ensures faster, more efficient work, resulting in increased production for your company. Scoro assists you in automating invoicing and billing, project management, KPI monitoring, and financial reporting. This software is reasonably priced, which makes it ideal for SMEs in Nigeria.

Scoro’s advantages include:

  • Time management and resource allocation are more efficient.
  • Project tracking and management.
  • Managing the sales funnel.

5. Syspro ERP.

Syspro is a powerful piece of software for managing distribution and manufacturing operations. You may coordinate, regulate, and integrate operational activities using this system. Fraud detection, multi-currencies, data analysis, reporting, and mobile ERP are all included. You may also automate procedures and interact online using Syspro.

The following are some of the advantages of Syspro for Nigerian SMEs:

  • AI-powered platform that aids in rapid analysis
  • Ideal for manufacturing and distribution companies.

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