As a part-time employee of our company, you will collaborate with each department to achieve a common goal. Come work at a growing company that offers great benefits with opportunities to moving forward and learn alongside accomplished leaders. We’re seeking an experienced and outstanding member of staff.

This position is both creative and rigorous by nature you need to think outside the box. We expect the candidate to be proactive and have a “get it done” spirit. To be successful, you will have solid solving problem skills.


1. Send leads to the customer success staff
2. Pay N40,000 monthly for data and phone calls
3. Pay 20% Commission for each signup of paid club member
4. Teach the customer success specialist how to use the CRM
5. Give orientation on the services of the Record-Keeping Club


1. Follow up leads sent from the office and make sure the deal is close
2. Daily posting of report of interactions with lead on the CRM
3. No activities with the leads no basic salary
4. Salary is base upon the KPI set for this role.


1. One month probation
2. N10,000 for data and phone calls to be paid at the end of the month
3. N10,000 is paid base upon the KPI set for this role
4. Pay 20% Commission for each signup of paid club member


1. Laptop Computer
2. Internet enabled phone
3. WhatsApp Installed Phone


Events & Activities

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Webinar: Skyrocketing Growth With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)