Will ERP Software Take My Job?

For years, you’ve heard it: ERP software is taking over and robbing everyone of their employment! Before you get too worked up, consider what ERP Software can’t accomplish.

Consider how computers, software automation, and artificial intelligence have already reshaped the labor market. You presumably use self-checkouts, ATMs, and customer service chatbots on a daily basis. The list of examples is endless, but the purpose isn’t to scare you.

The truth is that predicting the actual impact of ERP Software on jobs is challenging. But there is one thing that is guaranteed. Humans still have a few skills that automation can’t take away, and you’ll want to showcase these on your resume to help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are four human skills that robots will not be able to replace on your resume:

  1. ERP Software don’t have emotional Intelligence

The ability to control and express your emotions, as well as understand and shape the emotions of others, is referred to as emotional intelligence (EQ). You require some level of emotional intelligence when communicating with coworkers, customers, or clients.

Consider what might happen if your boss lacked emotional intelligence. They wouldn’t be able to connect with you effectively, wouldn’t understand why you might need to work from home one day, and wouldn’t be able to assist you with stress management. They couldn’t possibly comprehend what I was saying.

Now, robots and automation that utilize artificial intelligence to read social signs and detect emotions are being created, but they will never be able to replace human labor or the intricacies of the human experience. Sure, they can register feelings, but it doesn’t mean they can form relationships or demonstrate empathy in the same way you can.

Even if your EQ isn’t as good as a machine’s, it’s still a lot better than a machine’s. Keep your EQ in mind as you engage with coworkers, direct reports, and management. Make a list of significant examples of how it has helped you be more effective at work, and don’t be hesitant to bring them up in your next job interview or include empathy into your personal brand.

2. ERP Software don’t have Creative problem solving

Because ERP Software and other automation lack the ability to tap into and understand human psychology in the same way that humans can, they will be unable to solve problems creatively in the same way that product designers, advertisers, and marketers must.

Consider this: Let’s say you’ve made a Facebook ad, but no one is responding to it. Will a machine be able to theorize and propose a solution as efficiently as a human? They might be able to alter the ad by plugging in a formula, but it doesn’t always work. You must frequently comprehend your audience — get inside their heads.

Resolving employee disputes, satisfying a client’s goals, or even modifying internal workflow processes are all examples of creative issue solving.

Consider a few situations when you’ve had to use your imagination to solve an issue. Examine your decision-making process and how you arrived at a conclusion. Is it possible for a machine to achieve that? Most likely not. When upgrading your CV, keep these situations in mind.

3. Management Skills (both technological and human)

Many businesses currently use ERP software to manage their workforces, products, and services. Employees can avoid mundane duties by using these tools, allowing them to focus on more important work.

So, while automation has begun to take over many workplaces, humans are still required to monitor it. Here’s an illustration: A program is most likely used by your company’s accountant or bookkeeper to track income and spending. What happens, though, if the program fails? When there’s a payment problem, what should you do? Do you plan on bringing in additional software or automating a process? No, you’ll need a human to spot the error and utilize problem-solving abilities to fix it. Computers and automation just cannot replace humans when it comes to managing employees.

Keep these managerial requirements in mind as you grow in your job. To assist companies to see your worth, highlight your experience managing both technology and other people.

4. Communication

Sure, you’ve seen machines and even humans speak with one another. However, they will never be able to completely replace humans, both within a firm and with customers.

Consider those days when you work from home or only communicate with coworkers via your company’s messaging system. It’s fine, but it’s not as good as face-to-face (or video-to-video) exchanges. And that’s just within the firm; what about interacting with your target audience outside of it?

When discussing communication skills, it’s also vital to emphasize nonverbal communication abilities, which are frequently just as important as verbal communication skills.

Simply said, robots are unable to converse with humans in the same way that humans can. Consider how you communicate both internally and externally as you advance in your job. Be a concerted effort to hone those soft talents in a variety of scenarios, and make sure to showcase them on your CV.


Will ERP Software be able to take my job? To be honest, predicting how technology will shape the workforce is challenging. While automation has taken over some tasks, there are some human skills that it will never be able to match.

So, what are your options? First and foremost, don’t be overly concerned. Continue to concentrate on your work and improve your abilities. Second, while you update your résumé, keep the skills that robots can’t replace in mind. Even if you aren’t looking for a new job right now, keep honing your professional talents so you can flaunt them when the time comes to look for one.

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