One of the most challenging responsibilities for the company is payroll management, especially for the accounting and HR departments. One of the primary company functions is the payroll management system. One of top payroll ERP modules is Odoo payroll management.

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The process of paying employees’ salary at scheduled intervals is known as payroll. It takes effort and is risky to regularly pay your staff, maintain track of those payments, and periodically pay taxes to support them. A robust and sophisticated payroll administration system is unquestionably necessary for effectively handling all these processes and records.

The most complex Odoo program is the payroll module. Top features and tools for efficient payroll management are built into the Odoo payroll management system. The module is quite useful and easy to use. It is connected with a number of other Odoo modules, including payroll accounting and HR payroll.

Payroll Management Module for Odoo

Payroll Features in Odoo:

Tax calculation

The Odoo payroll module automatically determines your employees’ federal, state, and local taxes based on their place of residence and their job type and generates reports for you to file. Our payroll administration system also makes it simple to coordinate reciprocal withholdings between states if you have workers who are tax residents of numerous states and jurisdictions. For complex tax situations, such as employees who live in one state but work in another, your tax obligations will be automatically computed and submitted.

The Odoo payroll tax computation system consistently updated on a monthly basis to automatically maintain compliance.

Automatic payroll

You may personalize each step of the payroll process for your company with the aid of the Odoo payroll module, and you can set calculations to execute automatically each billing cycle. Payroll may be verified before being executed thanks to a confirmation phase, and reminders make sure you never skip a pay period.

Under the settings, choose your payroll frequency, specify your business’s overtime and double overtime rates, and connect your payroll account. Payroll frequency can be set either at the company level or individually for each employee. You can schedule payroll to run weekly, bimonthly, monthly, semimonthly, or at a custom time for teams, projects, and people. Create deduction policies and specify your business’s deductions to create enforceable rules, like percent matching.

Employee Assistance

Odoo Payroll provides complete support for full-time, part-time, salaried, hourly, and contract employees. Create employee profiles to save information about them, including their names, addresses, filing statuses, deductions, and payroll information, including frequency, payment methods, and job categories. Using the Odoo payroll management system, you can view the attendance, leaves, timesheets, and working hours of employees.

Employees can use self-service to view contact information, withholdings, deductions, payroll history, pay stubs, tax forms, and more. Updates to contact information can be made quickly and easily during open enrollment periods, and changes to withholdings and deductions can be made online in the employee-self service system.

Project payment

Certain projects require particular tracking to ensure that staff payments are made accurately. In order to track projects or tasks and record payments, Odoo payroll administration offers a variety of unusual circumstances, such barcode scanning, platform login/logout, and time clocking. This functionality can be used with hardware or software tracking to ensure that each unique case can be properly accounted for in each payment distribution.

In addition to offering employee time tracking and remuneration for internal projects, the Odoo payroll management system enables you to define projects for external tasks billed to clients. Keep track of the time your staff spends working on client projects, bill the customer accordingly, and Odoo payroll automatically compute team compensation based on the time logged.


The Odoo payroll module manages deductions on both a corporate and individual level to make sure that all employee deductions are automatically calculated for each payment cycle. To have control over how your company’s perks are organized, specify your deduction policy for each benefit you provide. Employees have the choice to enroll in benefits through their self-service portal at the time of hiring, during open enrollment, and following eligible life events. Following enrollment, deductions will begin to be calculated for each employee.

With Odoo payroll management, you can also deduct outstanding bills so that the reporting state can get them. Control the garnishment’s duration, generate reports, and pay the appropriate agency.


You can send digital reports to local, state, and federal taxing authorities using the Odoo payroll management system. And Odoo payroll offers a variety of alternatives for creating internal reports.

W-2/W-3 SUTA form
Form 1099
Report on worker’s compensation
Form 940
Odoo Payroll Form 941

More Integrations

The seamless integration of the Odoo payroll module with a variety of apps can satisfy your demands for keeping your human capital resources. Easily connect payroll components including employee deductions, leave time, attendance, project monitoring, and more.

HR Integration

Odoo offers a full range of HR solutions to help you manage your business and produce reports.


The pay stubs, payment history, and personal information of employees are all accessible for review and updating.


By integrating time sheets and scheduling, your staff members can keep track of their attendance and hours worked.

Leaves made monitoring and managing all sorts of leave time, including paid and unpaid time off for illness or injury, much easier. Set payment schedules and deal with employee requests.


Establish a job board so you can easily keep track of applications received and immediately post available positions. Monitor and monitor your potential applicants.

Costs Workers can quickly submit expenses for management to review, approve, or disapprove. Costs are immediately changed in the Odoo accounting and payroll management system after approval.

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