ERP software helps companies in a wide range of industries simplify and streamline their business management procedures. ERPs are frequently used by businesses for inventory management, accounting, CRM, and sales. Yet, they frequently ignore one crucial task: human resource “HR management”.

A wide range of duties fall under HR’s purview, including finding qualified employees, handling challenging payroll procedures, allocating and maintaining PTO, and onboarding. Your business couldn’t operate if even one of these were missing. Also, HR personnel cannot afford to handle sensitive data carelessly. They must daily gather, input, and analyze an enormous amount of business data.

It’s time for HR departments to gain from the creative ERP capabilities of products like Odoo. Here are six ways that ERP may transform HR divisions:

1. Serving as a central database

Information from every division of the business is gathered and kept in one location thanks to the implementation of a cloud ERP. Without wasting time hopping between separate systems to find segregated data, HR staff members have complete visibility across the organization.

2. It enables instantaneous internal communication

Being a consolidated database, a cloud ERP enables HR staff members to transmit and receive information from other departments without any problems. No more time will be lost looking up information or exchanging papers in a never-ending email chain. As authorized users have real-time access to correct data and unified documentation, a contemporary ERP solution enables cross-company cooperation.

3. It protects confidential information

Probably the most private information your business comes into contact with is handled by your HR department. For your staff and your business, any security lapse involving sensitive data could be quite detrimental. Personal identifiable information (PII) like salary and records of workplace conflicts are safeguarded by stringent security measures in a cloud-based ERP against both internal and external attacks.

4. Time-consuming tasks are automated

Daily paperwork that seems to never stop is dealt with by HR departments. With the use of a cloud ERP, HR staff can quickly automate data collection and analysis, reducing the risk of human mistake on several levels. Process automation saves a ton of time, resulting in lower costs and greater effectiveness.

The ability to access personal information, participate in training, ask questions, and more is also provided by cloud ERP HR software, saving HR professionals considerable time and effort that they would otherwise have to expend carrying out these duties or independently finding out this information.

5. It supports keeping up compliance with legal obligations

Many legal requirements—many of which are constantly changing—must be met by HR departments. To be compliant and avoid penalties or fines, HR staff members must continually be aware of all applicable national, state, local, and international legislation. Many ERP systems update procedures automatically when laws change. Companies may more easily manage the regulatory environment thanks to some, like odoo ERP, which offers advanced automatic compliance reporting.

6. It facilitates recruitment

Effective employee recruitment is one of the responsibilities of many HR departments. This can be an area where your business is having trouble in the current labor market. ERP assists with this process by offering precise, current information on the staff requirements in each department. A cloud ERP also safely keeps the personal data of both current and potential employees. Such a technology can even automate hiring processes, freeing managers to concentrate on choosing the best candidate.


With integrated company management applications on an open platform, Odoo is a potent cloud ERP system. Odoo Cloud ERP is exceptionally strong and well-suited to meet HR management needs. Contact our team right now with any inquiries or to arrange a demonstration if you’re prepared to improve your HR performance.

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