Signs your Business needs a Software.

Today’s tech-savvy businesses require software. Efficiency and speed in achieving business goals is what drives revenue. This means abandoning off-the-shelf software in favor of custom software development to gain momentum and competitive advantage.

Business software demand is nothing new. You know this if you run a business in the twenty-first century. While some may disagree that Extra-Terrestrial E.T is the best movie ever made, disputing that software is the foundation of any successful business is absurd.

Working for tech company for the last 8 years, I’ve seen first-hand how software improves productivity, efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamlines processes. Software automation benefits all businesses.

Operations, administration, customer satisfaction and analytics are all aspects of running a business. Without technology, this spells chaos and mismanagement. Also, if your competitors in the same niche decide to micromanage all of this with technology, it gives them a huge competitive advantage.

In our software development business, many clients approach us unsure if they actually need software. Or buy a ready-made solution by themselves?

When it comes to software, the “Customize vs Buy” debate rages on. Yes, you can use pre-made solutions if the software meets your needs. Yes, the costs will be lower.

But with commercial software, scalability and flexibility are unknown! Integrating the software with another enterprise system will also take extra work. Plus, if everyone in your niche uses the same software, you will have no competitive advantage.

Let us now examine some of the early indicators that your company may require customized software.

Think….. Do you have a business issue that needs to be resolved or improved? Or recurring tasks requiring a lot of time and effort? So, I guess. Isn’t that why you’re still reading?

We have listed 5 symptoms that, if present, require you to contact a Software Development Company.

1 Your business is hampered by manual processes and paperwork, causing inefficiency.

Any business wants to increase revenue. Productivity increases the chances of higher revenue. However, too much manual work or constant data entry into spreadsheets causes increased work time and human error.

A business software customized to your specifications seems reasonable. All employees will be able to plan and execute workflows, communicate seamlessly, and access them from anywhere using collaboration software.

An example is software we customized for a real estate firm. They were able to reduce delivery time from 4-5 days to 2 hours by using our backend software and mobile app to automate indoor and outdoor field inspections, reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency and reliability.

2 Too many daily issues that need to be addressed

In a small business, you usually manage three to four clients at a time. In other words, all day long! Investing in custom software will allow you to automate all these repetitive tasks and scale your business without any errors. This gives you and your team better visibility, business insights, and scalability.

3 Your data needs are met by old spreadsheets that are manually tracked and analyzed.

A recent study found that businesses can spend up to 80% of their time collecting data. But you know it! You almost own Excel! You almost exclusively use Excel. So, you should know that manually entering data and maintaining it takes a lot of time. It also doesn’t provide all information instantly. And stats? Forget analytics!

With analytics integrated into business software, you can easily monitor all your metrics and KPIs from one place and share specific details about your business with team members while maintaining confidentiality.

4 It’s harder to reach and manage your customers.

We both know how vital customer relations are to us. But if you can’t keep up with your customer base and are receiving complaints, escalation emails, or poor survey responses, it’s time for a quick technological switch.

You’re also out of ideas for keeping up with your customers’ social media presence. With a custom software solution, you can keep track of your clients, your project flow and the team responsible for it.

It can also integrate email, customer support, and social media engagement tools, so you never have to search for information in a crisis situation.

5 Your company grows

Growing and expanding a business is on a business owner’s mind from the start. If your company is expanding geographically, in terms of employees or customers, you will need business process management software.

It will help manage dynamic workflows. It also helps integrate all information available from anywhere so your team can collaborate with customers and other teams globally, increasing efficiency and saving costs.


In the words of Bill Gates, “The first rule of any business technology is that automation will magnify efficiency.” Second, automating inefficient processes exacerbates inefficiency.

Customized software development for your company is a big decision because it will integrate most major aspects of the company’s operation and success. It will boost productivity and revenue.

A technological boost is required if you identify any of the above symptoms. Take a calculated risk and make sure you fully understand the processes you want to automate.

Evaluate your processes, set goals, define requirements, and hire a professional technical team to help you develop and customize software that will save you time, money, and reduce risk.

Isn’t this a little too complicated? Contact us right now, and our staff at growth stack will assist you in reaping the maximum benefits of installing the Odoo ERP.

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