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Why Record-Keeping Club?

  • If you understand how vital record keeping is to your business but don’t know where to begin..
  • If you are spending business funds for personal needs and are unsure how to manage both..
  • If you are planning to take a loan in the future and need to start now to maintain your record but don’t know how..
  • If you are looking for a good accounting software to manage your finances, customers, and vendors but don’t have funds for license fees..
  • If you are searching for a better way to manage your business by learning from business development experts..

Then keep reading…

The Record-keeping Club was designed for you.

The Record-keeping Club is an online freemium membership website for small business owners in Africa. The club provides you already configured free Odoo Accounting Software and all the information you need to keep good records in your business. That’s not all, as a club member you have free access to seminars, how-to and hands-on tutorials that help you build, manage and grow your business with confidence.

If this all resonates with you, then read below for a complete outline of what’s included in the Record-Keeping Club.

record-keeping club

Need an accounting software for your business? Join the Record-Keeping Club.

Free setup, free training, free support all year round. More information on Odoo accounting.

Benefits to you as a member of Record-Keeping Club

Free Seminars
Biz Mentors
Mastermind Groups

Dr. Emmanuel Moore ABOLO ,PhD-Econs, FGRCP,FIMC, FNIMN,FPSSN

Club Adviser.

Known globally as The Risk Master, DR Emmanuel Moore Abolo holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics [specializing in Econometrics/Public Finance] and has over 30 years of dynamic and impactful knowledge in risk management, corporate governance, strategy crafting, conflict management, HR, transformational leadership, and compliance with extensive experience cutting across several sectors and industries.

He was the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Nigerian Export-Import Bank [Nexim Bank]; Chief Economist at First Bank of Nigeria Plc. & Access Bank Plc as well as Basel Accords Project Manager at both banks.

He was a one-time Group Head, Operational and Market Risks at the above institutions.

He was a Graduate Assistant and an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of Lagos and currently a visiting Senior Lecturer, Nexus International University, Kampala, Uganda.

He was also an Assistant Fellow, National Centre for Economic Management and Administration, Ibadan [a public sector training institution under the then Federal Ministry of National Planning, Nigeria]…

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Some of our members

Odoo Accounting Dashboard

Why Record-Keeping Club Fee?

  • Access to mentorship
  • Access to mastermind group
  • 24/7 assistance with Odoo expert all year round.
  • Training on how to use Odoo software.
  • Odoo Software Setup and configuration.
  • Odoo Software Maintenance.
  • Odoo Software Database Hosting.
  • Odoo Software Data Protection, Privacy and Security.
  • Odoo Software Monthly Backup.

Here’s an overview of what’s included in the Record-Keeping Club Membership

We invite you to join – here’s everything you’ll get:

  • Access to Odoo Accounting Software to help you keep finances, customers, and vendors records
  • Access to free monthly Business Seminars to help you learn from expert (you too can also host)
  • Access to business mentors if your business is struggling in uncertain environment
  • Access to mastermind group
  • Free Software Training to you as a club members and your staff on how to use Odoo software
  • 24/7 assistance by Odoo certified expert all year round.
  • Free Odoo Software Setup and configuration.
  • Free Odoo Software Maintenance.
  • Free Odoo Software Database Hosting.
  • Free Odoo Software Data Protection, Privacy and Security.
  • Free Odoo Software Monthly Backup.

Typically, it cost thousand of dollars to deploy Odoo and a lot more to maintain. As a member of this club, your only contribution is a token that provides technical support for your Odoo database.


Who can join the club?2023-05-02T03:06:11+00:00

Small business owners that need help on how to grow their business faster, access mentorship, access to mastermind group, and accounting software for financial, customers and vendors management.

How much is membership fee?2023-05-02T03:08:35+00:00

Membership is completely free. For members that need access to mentorship, mastermind groups, and a record keeping database (Odoo) for business. The membership contribution is to help provide all the supports you need. Membership contribution is in 3 categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership.

Why membership verification?2023-05-02T03:09:03+00:00

We verify all our prospective members to be sure all approved members are legitimate business people.

What edition of Odoo is available for members2023-04-22T11:15:21+00:00

Odoo community edition

I have Odoo Enterprise Account, can I join the club?2023-05-02T03:11:20+00:00

Yes, you can join the club for free. To have access to odoo support and other benefits. you will still need to signup for a membership plan.