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Odoo ERP Software implementation.

Odoo is a powerful enterprise resource planning ERP Software that is also user-friendly and adaptable. The implementation of Odoo guarantees that you will begin with the best practices in place. In addition, if you select a reliable Odoo implementation partner like Growth Stack, we will do everything in our power to help your company flourish by implementing Odoo ERP properly.

Why you should work with Odoo Partner.

When not handled by Odoo specialists, implementation of Odoo can be challenging. Because of this, you’ll need the assistance of Odoo implementation specialists to ensure a smooth rollout. Putting it plainly, the success of the company hinges on how well ERP is implemented. Choosing the right Odoo partner is obviously crucial to the success of the Odoo implementation.

You can rely on Growth Stack for full assistance during Odoo implementation. We have Odoo developers (front end, back end, mobile app, etc.), quality analysts, project managers, and more as part of our team. If you want to ensure the best possible Odoo implementation for your business, choosing Growth Stack as your implementation partner is essential. If you hire us, you can rest assured that Odoo will be successfully implemented in your company’s infrastructure within the specified time frame and budget.

Odoo Implementation Approach (Stages)

Pre Analysis:

This stage of Odoo implementation includes multiple meetings between the Odoo expert team and the decision makers or key managers of the client’s organization. It helps the customers to have a clear understanding of the feasibility report of the Odoo implementation project.

Detailed Analysis

Growth Stack Team of Odoo experts makes sure that they analyze all the aspects of the business requirements of the client. From intricate requirements to easier ones, all are analyzed by our talented team. We gather all the requirements and shape the Odoo implementation strategy and roadmap to complete the Odoo development process successfully.

Project Planning

During the planning phase of a project, we make plans for how to carry out the roadmap that we made after careful analysis. At this stage, our Odoo consultants create a full Gap Analysis document and a solid business model so that the team can work on them and make the Odoo implementation a huge success.

Odoo Implementation:

Once all of the above steps are complete, our expert team will move on to putting Odoo to work in your business environment. The agile method of making software makes the process of putting it into use more valuable for the customer.

Data Migration:

When we’re done installing, configuring, and implementing the Odoo modules, we’ll move on to the business data migration. The amount of time it takes to move data depends on how much data there is. Business data includes customer data, vendor data, employee data, and other types of information. We offer XML/CSV Files for Data Migration.

Functional Training:

After the Odoo ERP is set up, we offer functional training to the users, or the people who will actually be using Odoo ERP. During this phase, the users are trained so that they can understand how all the modules work. We plan the training sessions based on the client’s teams, such as the sales team, accounting team, procurement team, warehouse team, etc. To avoid the Odoo implementation failure, staff must be involved right from the start.

Go Live:

After we’ve finished all the steps, including gathering requirements, building it, testing it for quality, getting client approval, and training users on how to use it. The client will be able to use the system once we go live.

Support and Maintenance:

Support after the implementation is needed for the Odoo implementation to go well. The most important thing that determines whether the implementation will work or not is how consistent the support is. So, Growth Stack doesn’t just leave its clients with ERP software that has been successfully set up. We, the Odoo experts, make sure that our clients and us get along better so that they can get the most out of our support services.

Our support services include:

  • 24×7 consultancy services in case you face any issue regarding the Odoo functionality understanding.
  • Get your errors resolved for a pre defined period of time.
  • Odoo Software and Server Maintenance.
  • Get your system updated to the latest versions.
  • Also, we support new development and customizations so that the system does not go outdated ever.

Why work with Growth Stack for your Odoo ERP Implementation?

Growth Stack has been rated the most customer friendly software company and also the only Odoo partner that offers free for ever after service customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Odoo Partner in Nigeria


To ensure your business success and implementation best practices, you will need a certified Odoo partner.
Yes, if you are coming from a rich technical background and have extensive knowledge about ERP then you can implement Odoo by yourself.
Yes, you can generate the trail by yourself. Use the following link to generate the trial: https://www.growthstack.gs/odoo-free-trial/
Generally, Odoo can be implemented in 2 to 3 weeks or more depending on the requirement of the client

The cost of the Odoo ERP Software implementation can be calculated after our Odoo consultants perform a gap analysis and identify the business requirements that need to be implemented. Simply put, the Odoo implementation costs depend on the number of requirements and their complexity.

Get in touch with our consultant to help you calculate the implementation cost https://www.growthstack.gs/contact-us/

Yes, we do need Single Point Of Contact during the Odoo implementation process.